Hire Dedicated SEO Assistants

Hire Dedicated SEO Assistants

Internetimm offers their clients the expediency of hiring dedicated seo assistant to work entirely for them offshore on SEO Projects. Our dedicated SEO assistant inserts their full effort on your project from the very first day and enables you to save time and money. By hiring SEO assistants from Internetimm you can save up to 70% of costs.

We also appoint a Team Leader or Project Manager into the team based on your requirement or recommendation. The team becomes your offshore dedicated staff, which works full-time for you on a fixed monthly fee and he will updates you project progress report on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

There are numerous tasks that are managed through the help of SEO assistants and some of them include-

  • Management of marketing campaigns
  • Website maintenance
  • Positioning of search engines
  • Uploading recent data

Why Hire a Dedicated SEO Team from Internetimm

  • Multiple communication channels (chat, e-mail, voice calls) are used to provide a always-on mode to communicate.
  • Resource will be responsible for handling client queries and will resolve it on priority basis.
  • Flexibility to change the resource matrix of your team as per the changing nature of the projects.
  • Cost effective than tendering your work on a project to project basis.
  • Focused Teams produce great results.
  • You will have a team of SEO professionals dedicated to your campaign and bound to see faster results.


  • 100% Manual submission.
  • PR Directories.
  • Quality Links.
  • Can use multiple title & descriptions.
  • All free directories.
  • Strict Quality Control.
  • Detailed report.
  • Home Page
  • Restricted Niche Market
  • Inner Pages
  • Non - English Websites


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